Paper Meditations: Filling the Vacuum

Meditations on Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.


I almost didn’t include the second part of this statement. But I believe God doesn’t want us to just not worry. The world’s wisdom, while both often causing worry also says, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Put on a positive face and simply, don’t worry. Things will be okay. Well, the problem is things aren’t always okay in the end. I agree we humans tend to over worry – we can let our imagination take us places both toxic and harmful for our well-being. So, worrying less is a good thing!

But when we stop worrying (or stop caring-much more harmful) a vacuum forms. Does not worrying about our child’s health make her healthy? Or pay the bills?

No – God says to go beyond the act of wringing our hands into opening our hands toward him in prayer. He suggests we fill the vacuum of ceasing to worry with the fullness of his presence through prayer.