To TRUST God: An Honest Look

I once asked a few people to help learn something about trust. I got some good answers.

I asked, “Be honest: What’s the hardest thing to trust God with?”


And here are some responses:

  • My children
  • My finances. Pride is my issue. Intellectually, I know he provides and keeps ALL of his promises. Getting out of his way can be difficult
  • Understanding why he has allowed things to harm people to carry the rest of their life
  • My marriage
  • Future plans!
  • Lasting joy/contentment in this lifetime
  • Forgiveness — once you leave it at God’s feet, not picking that bag back up!
  • For the title: “OF BEING GOD”!
  • My conscious thoughts
  • My mistakes and the aftermath
  • My character
  • Career choices

As I type this on a Friday – a pay day for our family – my propane gauge is under 5 percent. In fact, I believe it may be around 1 to 2 percent.

I won’t bore you with our budgeting details as to why this is a test of faith but the irony of a few of things comes to mind from the past hour or so:

  1. One little proverb I like to share and encourage is, “Do we trust God, or do we trust in a paycheck?”
  2. I write a weekly email to people at work about topics surrounding CREATION Health, a whole-person approach to taking care of ourselves. This week I promised to write on the “T” — TRUST in God.
  3. My drive to work includes a stretch going west on a road named Inspiration. Today the sun was causing the clouds above the Rockies to glow orange while a full moon was making its way toward the horizon.
  4. The prayer theme I’ve had this week for overhead prayers at my hospital is entitled, “Hearts Over Circumstances”
  5. While in the car on my way in, I repeated the proverb in different forms over and over again.

I trust God to provide for me and our family. Period.

God Save Me!

It doesn’t mean when I have the means to do something, I sit back and wait for something the materialize out of thin air.

It’s not unlike the story of the man whose house was flooded, the waters were rising and he prayed and prayed, “God please save me! Rescue me!” A helicopter came and offered to lift him to safety and incredulously he declined, saying, “God will save me. I’ve prayed for it.” He said the same thing when someone in a boat came along just as the waters were about to overtake his shrinking patch of rooftop.

He was swept away in the raging current and died. After, in a mythical conversation with God he asked why he wasn’t saved and why he didn’t send his angels to help in a desperate time of need. “I did, twice. They came from a helicopter and a boat.”

When we see God’s way out of a desperate state of affairs, it’s my conviction we use our God-given wisdom to move. In other words what we call common sense. If I have the money to pay my propane bill — by all means pay it!

What We Owe Our Creator

Another conviction I share is that of giving back what belongs to God and specifically, I am talking about the tithe. It’s not even an argument about Old Covenant versus our personal convictions in the New Covenant. It’s about faith and trust. All he claims is 10 percent. He has a claim on my heartbeat. I am as dependent on breathing from my Creator as I am in his ability to empower my mind and body to earn a paycheck, or move an idea to fruition as a business owner.

I owe to my God much more than 10 percent of money that shows up in my bank account every two weeks. And I trust him with what little I have and give it back to him.

Whatever comes at us is an offer to trust God. Is it fair to say we may not even understand what trust is if we don’t get times to exercise our faith in him? I think so.

Here’s What I’ve Learned Along the Way

What practically can we do build trust? And for the record, I tend to believe trust is on or  off, like a light switch. We either trust God or we do not. Simple. The circumstances change and we then must lean closer into him praying and trusting all along.

But here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • It doesn’t take much: trust God with the next step and he will take care of the rest
  • Write down on a card, in your journal, in the comments below, wherever: “I trust God with ________” and fill in the blank
  • In your imagination, see yourself handing over (and name it) to the hands of God. In my case today it’s a propane tank nearly empty
  • If all else fails use a quote from a nameless victim of circumstance: “Help me overcome my unbelief!”

I also believe there is one prayer always answered in the affirmative: “God, be near me.” Click To TweetAll the time, circumstances change. Life happens and when we least expect it, tragedy can overtake us. But we are never alone. I believe that to my core because whether or not we can pay our bills or find hope in certain seasons of our lives God’s presence is truly enough. We need nothing else and his peace will help us in our time of need.