Why Death Isn’t Logical

Death, to me, doesn’t make sense.


When God created this planet, it wasn’t meant to die. He made our first parents to live forever, watching each generation unfold before them and we who followed were supposed to be able see our past living before us.

Children were never supposed to bury their parents. Nor parents their children.

The leaves were never supposed to turn colors and fall off the trees. Lions were never supposed to eat zebras.

This world was meant for life — eternal life. Think about it. If our Creator God who is infinite and eternal in himself made a world full of life and full of vitality to go on forever, then the cycle of life and death makes no sense.

Of course there is a reason why death exists and as anyone reading this knows too well (I was just informed of a former coworker’s untimely death as I type this), we were born into a world full of death all around us.

Recently I was on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway and you can’t go without being so inspired and awed, you might just want to write a poem becoming a famous song even, about the vistas, the views and vibrant life all around. But wait, amid the house-sized granite boulders and the little stream trickling near the track and the new aspens getting their first leaves there much evidence of death. Wood rot. Whole trees with nothing but dead branches and innumerable fallen trees, roots and all. Then above the timberline, virtually nothing lives.

So much beauty, but eerily full of death. It’s all we humans know. I found myself sitting in the car imagining a future life on some far distant planet. The whole world is full of untouched, unspoiled forests and foliage. Or an ocean with underwater species of creatures and the most dazzling corals ever experienced!

But the best thing will be the unending relationships. No more death to separate kids from parents or sister from brother. Death was not a part of God’s plan. And his plan includes a Restoration soon to come when it will all be just a faint, distant memory. Only Jesus has the evidence of death on his hands through eternity.

Oh, may that day come soon!