Psalm 51 is probably the one I have read the most. To see in black and white the gift of God’s forgiveness and whole cleansing reassures me of His amazing grace. I hope it does for you too.


God, show grace to me because of the kindness of Your heart
erase my wrong doing and because of Your wonderful compassion don’t keep us apart.

Wash away all my stains
and deep clean even to my veins.

I know exactly what evil I have done,
while each sin is before me, every one.

It is truly Your name that now has a blight
because of the evil I did in Your sight.

Now when You speak You carry no blame
and when You pass judgment there is no claim.

See, my life came directly from a seed of sin,
my mother just as much a part of the world we’re in.

I also see that You want truth to be just as deep in the soul,
where wisdom is hid away to help make me whole.

I pray for the cleansing accomplished only by blood
and I’m made pure, washed by a flood.

God help me to find real happiness and a smile
so my crushed bones will rejoice after a while.

Please turn Your face away from my disdain
and take away all the stain.

I ask that You purify my heart deep within,
to make my spirit strong so I can hold up my chin.

I pray You don’t just throw me away from Your grace
but let the presence of the Holy Spirit be seen on my face.

Salvation is the best source of joy, please let me have it again
and make my spirit willing with an eager amen!

Then I will be a teacher of righteousness for other men who fall
and they will be changed to serve You, one and all.

Please keep me from the punishment of spilled blood, God of my salvation,
and finally I will sing of Your holiness with an ovation.

O Lord, I pray You will help me sing a song,
so that my mouth will praise You all the day long.

It’s certainly not the lives of animals You need or desire,
because a heartless gift means nothing, even with fire.

What You really want from us is to know our place
and when we bring a heart full of regret that’s when we know Your grace.

I pray You would give favor to Zion, our home
and protect Jerusalem’s walls so we don’t have to roam.

Then You will smile down when we bring sacrifices from the heart,
offerings burnt in whole or in part
young bulls upon Your alter where true worship can start.