A Psalm of God’s amazing provision. He is good and it is good to be a believer. It’s better than not. God is worth taking in over and over again. We can never exhaust His stores and His limitless supply of grace and renewal show up for this beautiful reminder.


I will always pronounce a blessing, all of my days
And with my mouth there will always be a praise.

Bragging on God comes from deep within
And those who are humble hear and grin

Come, let’s make God even bigger
Lifting His name and shouting with vigor

When I looked to Him, He heard my cry
And showed me my fears were just a lie

As they looked up at God, it was like they were glowing
And on their faces no shame was showing

God heard the voice of this man as he cried out of poverty
And took him from difficulties rising in ferocity.

God’s angel is close at hand to those who trust
He comes to the rescue, not letting them be turned to dust

God really is something good – it’s like eating a fine meal
And for all those who fully trust Him, He is like strong steal.

Show your reverence, all who are set aside for the King
Because it’s those people who do not lack a thing.

Even strong and young lions don’t find enough to eat
But anyone who is looking deeply for God will get their meat.

Come over here littles ones and hear what I say,
I will speak wisdom so it’s the Lord you will learn to obey.

Tell me, who’s the one who really wants to live
Loving the good life with time to give?

From your mouth evil should never be heard
While from your lips no lies should ever be inferred.

Keep away from evil and do what is right
Pursue peace and always keep it in sight.

God is always watching those who are pure of heart
And He’s listening as soon as their pleas start.

Of those who would do evil God turns away His face
And any memory of them He will just erase.

The pure in heart send up their pleas and God turns His ears
And He will get them through even while they shed their tears.

God is very close to those who’s hearts are shattered
While He rescues the downtrodden, showing them they mattered

The pure in heart have their share of trials
But God helps them through, going the second mile.

God preserves his bones, keeping them intact
And not one is broken, and that’s a fact.

Those who live in darkness will see their end
And those who hate the righteous will be condemned.  

God sets free from deep within all who obey Him
While anyone who trusts in His power, their light will never go dim.