The Eighteenth Psalm was the first one I worked on a couple of years ago. I found it to be a powerful reminder of God’s overwhelming power, especially when we know God is on our side. It’s some sort of vision King David had of the awesome power God possesses to help us when we call to Him.


My God is my Rock in whom I find protection,
He’s my shield, my stronghold and Source of my salvation.

I will call upon the Lord who is worthy of all praise,
for He saves me from my enemies all of my days.

I was surrounded and entangled among the ropes of death,
like a flood of water engulfing me, almost taking my breath.

The grave’s ropey fingers, a gripping brace,
death itself stared at me in the face.

But I cried out to the Lord in my distress,
indeed to my God I pray from the midst of this mess.

As He is enthroned on high, my voice He heard,
while I poured out my soul, His ear attended to every word.

Then the earth quaked and trembled,
the foundation of the tall mountains rumbled
and because of His burning anger, tumbled.

Out of His nostrils, smoke came pouring out
while fierce flames leapt from His mouth
and glowing coals were thrust all about.

He opened the heavens and descended
while for His feet the darkest storm clouds attended.

Atop a mighty cherub He soared
while its wings in the wind roared.

Darkness was His shroud,
His arrival in the depth of a dense rain cloud.

Through breaks in the clouds, I could see glimpses of light so glorious,
and yet hail and burning coals falling showed that He was furious.

Down from heaven He thundered out
the Most High God gave a mighty shout!

He shot His arrows and scattered His enemies all about
while lightning flashed, they were greatly confused amidst the rout.

Then at the blast of Your breath, at Your mighty command
I could see the depths of the ocean–the very foundations of earth, rock and sand!

He reached down from heaven saved me from the slaughter
His mighty arm outstretched, took me from the darkest water.

From those most powerful enemies, He rescued my soul
from those who hated me, taking me out with an overwhelming blow.

They attacked at a moment when I was most weak
but the Lord was my stronghold even before I could speak.

He brought me somewhere safe, far above
and He took care of me, simply out of His love.

I was rewarded for the right actions of my heart,
I was repaid over my innocence from the start.

Always in front of me, I constantly see His law
and from His standard to evil, I will never withdraw.

Even before God, I have no blame,
not having sinned, I bear no shame.

To the one who remains faithful, You never give up
and to those who do what is right, You give back the same cup.

To those who are pure You show Yourself committed
but to those who are evil, against them You are pitted.

You rescue those who who are humble
but the proud you cause to stumble.

Lord, into you my life You have brought light
and out from darkness You shine so bright.

In Your strength, any army I can can put to flight
and along side my God, I can scale any height.

As for God, His path is perfect, His word remaining pure,
and for all who seek His shelter, protection for them is sure.

Yahweh, He is our God and possession,
He is our Rock, our God and full protection.

God clothes me with strength, like I’m wearing a cloak
and to His gracious eyes, it appears His law I never broke.

He causes my footing to be sure like a deer
and even on the highest places my path remains clear.

My hands he has trained to show up for a fight
even to bend a bronze bow, revealing His might.

You have also given me the shield of Your salvation
while Your right hand brings strength to my position
and ironically your gentleness brings me exultation.

It’s almost as if my feet are huge on ground where I walk
while instead of rolling and getting hurt my ankles remain locked.

I chased down my enemies until they were caught
and not until they were subdued did I stop.

They went down as I struck them with a mighty blow
and under my feet they were brought down below.

It is with strength for battle You have armed me
and You have placed under my feet every last enemy.

You have made them turn and run,
all who hated me are destroyed until there are none.

They called out for help to be rescued, but were not heard,
even to Yahweh they cried but He didn’t listen to a word.

They were blown away with the wind after I ground them down like dust
and simply swept them away into the gutter with a grunt of disgust.

Over my accusers You gave the victory
and over nations as their ruler You appointed me
while there are people who serve and those I don’t know and never see.

It’s like as soon as my name is mentioned they bow a knee
and people of other nations become scared of me.

Like the wind in the clear air, their courage disappears
and out of their strongholds they emerge, trembling in their fears.

The Lord is alive and He is the Rock that is blessed!
May the God of my salvation be lifted above the rest.

He is the God who hands out payback to all who look upon me with intentions to devour.
And after that nations are under my control through His power.

I am kept and rescued from the reach of my enemy’s hands,
God You have preserved me from their violence and their plans.

For all of this, O Lord, I will praise You among people everywhere.
I sing with a heart full of joy to Your name, for none can compare.

You give such amazing victories to Your king, revealing a love difficult to comprehend,
nevertheless to David and his true followers You extend kindness without end.