Paper Meditations: Our Imagination

Meditations on Philippians 4:6-7

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything.


In our human nature, and as we are fallen beings the natural reaction to bad things happening is to worry. Worrying isn’t always bad because it prevents worse things from happening sometimes.

More often than not, however, worry robs us of truly finding a lasting peace. Add to that our imaginations and we can find ourselves in some pretty dark places – in our minds.

Use your imagination instead for this: open your hands and give all of those toxic and harmful feelings away. See them while in prayer being carried high and dissipating into the air. What we are doing is giving them to God. And we cannot overburden him!

Pray for a change in heart or perhaps a change in perspective. God might even show you a way out or give more clarity or maybe wisdom to handle what’s going on. Most of all, while circumstances may not change, he reassures us we aren’t alone in them.

Do you believe your imagination is a force to help with worry?