Christmas: Built on Hope

Rogue One and the Hidden Christmas Theme

I went to see Rogue One with Elizabeth and Brandon (this will have spoilers, so be forewarned). I don’t usually spend this kind of time reviewing a movie and this is more of my own take at this time in my life and history in general.

“Rebellion is built on hope” is a one liner from the movie I love. It was the theme of hope that kept coming back around throughout the story from one scene to the next, as they contributed to the larger storyline.

I don’t confess to be some Star Wars aficionado — I’m just a fan of the whole thing. This movie was so different than all the others. From the lack of opening crawl to the music to the only one with a lightsaber being Darth Vader (no Jedi show up except as fallen statues from the planet Jedha).

We get a glimpse into the world of Star Wars only by mention of Jedi and you do see Bail Organa (Leia’s adopted father) along with the Force being spoken of a number of times. I do love that Darth Vader is shown as the evil villain he really was.

But the big takeaway I got from this (and yes, I’m going to draw some Christian thematic parallels) is that of hope. There were moments when literally everything could be taken away if even one failure happened! But the thin string of hope kept right on winding its way through the storyline.

Humanity’s stubborn grasp of hope was expressed in grey tones – not the black and white we know through the other movies. While I might not agree with the grey areas portrayed (I would say it’s more amoral than moral) – one of the main characters does make a choice to save rather than take a life.

Finally, I’d like to elaborate on the line “rebellion is built on hope.” That is Christmas! To me this is what Jesus coming to earth represents: a hope and rebellion right in the heart of enemy’s territory. In the heart of darkness, misconception about God’s character (what underlies darkness, really) and to a world desperate for hope – any hope – came the Hope of the World.

This rebellion was one of hope borne of love. Love over hate. Love beyond tyranny. When the world expects revenge and hate, violence and malice (and indeed all of the above is served up regularly), love is patient. Love is kind. Love keeps no record of wrongs.

It’s a rebellion, culminating in victory.

And one more thing about Rogue One. A lot of people die. Only a select few actually make it to receive the last piece of transmitted data. Alas, the majority of people who’ve walked this planet and believed in a better life, never saw it fulfilled here on earth. They died waiting for it. They died in hope.

Whether I live to see the end of the Story with my own eyes or my eyes sleep the sleep of death until the Story’s end, I live in hope.

I share this hope with you: God loves unconditionally and he will take us to where we belong, very soon.

Merry hope filled Christmas.