An Intercessory Prayer Ministry: Rules and Guidelines

Now that I have put myself out there for God to somehow use the likes of a man like me, I need to share how I envision this being done.

Praying Man

Just a few things to keep in mind as we do this together:

  • Please respond this post in the comments below with prayer requests you have.
  • Try to keep them limited to one subject each, i.e., for one post ask for prayer for your kids, and another a sick relative, etc. I believe focused prayer is effective prayer.
  • When you use your name and names of those I’m praying for, you are allowing me to use those names publicly in my prayer. You’ve already done this by sharing in comments, so I’m assuming you are okay with it.
  • Share as much or as little as you’re comfortable with. Remember this for the world. Once you share it, it’s out there. Once I pray it, it’s recorded.
  • I will try my hardest to keep all prayer to the least amount of time as possible, usually a minute or so. Longer prayers become less effective in my opinion. I do not think more words mean they will be heard somehow.
  • I’ll include the prayer in a posted YouTube video and summarize what’s been asked for either in the post or in the title. I haven’t narrowed that down yet.
  • Of course I have the right to post a prayer or not. I may contact you privately inquiring more or explain why not. There’s not much chance I’ll turn someone down, but I want to reserve that right.
  • I hope to pray as soon I get word of the need, but the nature of the praying may take some time to get where it’s quiet and I can take the time to pray and get it uploaded. At least I hope to let you know I’ve got the request and will pray as soon as possible.

Those are the rules and guidelines so far. My next post will be the first prayer.

I’m Wondering: What prayer requests to you have for me to pray for on your behalf?