2014 Between You and Me

I write this with a thin veil of time between what’s left of 2014 A.D. and 2015 A.D.  – anno domini, “The year of our Lord.”

It is another New Year of our Lord. And another passed into our history.


When Jesus was born the Bible says it was when “Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world.” That was how time was usually recognized — the reign of king or monarch.

But not now. Time is literally divided into two different epochs: before Christ and anno domini. We now live in “the year of our Lord.” The world over recognizes where we are in history. The world has been celebrating the calendar change now into this next year as the date changes hour to hour around the globe.

What’s changed?

What’s changed for you? For me?

Does a new year really bring something new for you? Is it a year of possibilities? Can we really start all over?

Yes, I believe we can. But why would we? When’s the last time we found a book or blog on “How to Have the Exact Same Year You Just Finished”?

No one really wants to rehash the same year. We want something better. I know I do.

I’m still at least 25 pounds overweight. I still don’t have the deep intimacy I want in my life. I still believe I have much more to contribute to my world because I feel like in 2014 I fell far short.

But I believe I have more to offer. I believe what’s coming is truly by Best Year Ever. Because I have told myself so.

I’m Wondering: Do you dare to share what this last year meant to you and how that informs what you wish the next year to be like?